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TimeNow specializes in providing multipart Information Technology solutions and services.

Mr. Iqbal Sobhan Chowdhury is a senior journalist and respected leader of the journalist community in Bangladesh. He was the Editor of the country’s now defunct premier English daily The Bangladesh Observer. After the closure of the Bangladesh Observer he has organized the new English newspaper "The Daily Observer" which is being published now on behalf of The Observer Ltd. It is now the fastest growing English daily in BANGLADESH.He is now organizing a TV channel, D-Bangla, a twenty four (24) hour news channel.

Mr.Iqbal Sobhan Chowdhury
Iqbal Sobhan Chowdhury
As a professional journalist he has covered important national, regional and international events. He also interviewed many heads of state and heads of government. He visited different countries to attend international and regional seminars, conferences and training programmes.

Beside his professional activities he is actively involved with the movement of the journalist community to ensure freedom of the press, human rights, democracy and rule of law. As the elected President, for a number of terms, of the Bangladesh Federal Union of Journalists, country’s apex body of journalists, he is known and respected for his bold voice and valiant leadership to fight for the rights of journalist community and for a free media. He is an active and known figure in the country’s civil society activities and democratic movements. In present he is the media adviser of Honourable Prime Minister.

He is also committed to social activities. He is actively associated with a number of social organizations. He is a Rotarian and runs Rotary High School and Collage at Mirpur, Dhaka, as the Chairman of the Managing Committee. He was a member of Chittagong University syndicate, Bangladesh Press Council, Film Censor Board, National Health Policy Draft Committee and National Education Policy Draft Committee. He was a member of the Syndicate of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University, country's only medical university.

Mr. Iqbal Sobhan Chowdhury had his Graduation and Masters in Public Administration from Dhaka University. He is married and has one daughter.

Mr. Mir Mosharref Hossain is a Prominent Businessmen and a career Journalist in Bangladesh. He is a good social worker as well and did a lot for the development of the children, upto Rural Area, of the Country.

He served in many renowned Companies in Bangladesh at the level of Sr. Management Personnel/CEO of the concerns and they were – Loyal Shipping (Pvt) Ltd., Mohammadi Housing Ltd., Mohammadi Designers Ltd and Mohammadi Fashions Ltd.
Mr. Mir Mosharref Hossain (Pakbir)
Mr. Mir Mosharref Hossain
At present he is the Managing Director of Mohammadi Homes Ltd., Mohammadi Stock Market Ltd. (DSE Member No. 15), Mohammadi Shipping Ltd., Mohammadi Air Ltd. and Mohammadi Farms Ltd. He is one of the Directors of the Daily Observer and Chief Editor & Managing Director of Mohammadi New Agency.

He visited many Countries several times to attend International Seminars &Symposiums on Business Matters and Journalism. He spent a lot of time and money in the matter of helping Poor and Meritorious Students, Autism and Environmental Management. The Nation is expecting a good Quantum of Contribution from him on Education, Employment, Environmental Development and House Accommodation.

Khalid Noman Husainyhas more than a decade of IT/ITES enable service and management experience in Bangladesh and abroad with a proven track records. In the year 2008 joint a multinational company called cross world group done some research of Canopy sound insulation and successfully reduce the noise from 80db to 65db and move on to National NGO'S called "Swanirvar Bangladesh" as a Director of IT with a various projects PKSF, USAID, Nationalized bank including Bangladesh Bank and increase the revenue of the organization as well as developed IT infrastructure Nationwide.
Khalid Noman Husainy
Khalid Noman Husainy
a MOU was Signed with A2I Prime minister Office (PMO) with innovative idea called Learning and Earning to develop Freelancer Nationwide and Ministry of ICTD Funded the project for a mass roll out. Project brings a great success in international freelancing market share specially in up work. Project duration was one year but it was finished in six months. after the project finished Bangladesh have more than 16 percent of global share online was 2 percent in 2009 according to VP Matt cooper(ODESK/upwork) reports. One of the milestone is trainees registered online Nationwide got qualified online and attend the training program which is followed by Government and Private sector now a days. Meanwhile designed Learning and Earning Development Project, freelancer to Entrepreneur, Entrepreneur to BPO. After that move on to sBIT Inc. as Executive Director (Silicon Valley's company) to introduce CADENCE DESIGN SYSTEM INC in Bangladesh alone with Titanium Appcelerator to connect our University CSE, EEE graduates work remotely for the USA. . As a Entrepreneur and Founder and CEO of TImeNow recently Signed a MoU with Ukrine Goverment as well as MDI Canada.

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About TimeNow

TimeNow offers topnotch IT solutions and services, including Software /Application development, Systems Integration, Titanium training, research and development. TimeNow is your one stop global Information Systems outsourcing partner for your complex and intricate IT needs.

Apart from TimeNow’s leading achievements in today’s Information Technology arena, TimeNow individually also reputes as one of the pioneering IT innovators of Bangladesh. TimeNow’s track records include noteworthy successes working with the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. Out of a multitude of achievements; a few striking successes worth mentioning for TimeNow are the A2I Program under the Prime Minister’s Office, the ‘Learning & Earning’ Training program under the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology (MOICT) and lastly ‘Freelancer to Entrepreneur‘ training Program. TimeNow is also currently working with the Ministry of Post, Communication and Information Technology, Bangladesh Government for the (UISC entrepreneur development project. These milestone projects have resulted to making pioneering advancements in the Information Technology sector of Bangladesh and have branded TimeNow to become a revolutionary name not only in Asia but Globally.
At present TimeNow management brings together a team of top talents from Silicon Valley and South Asia. Founders with prominent expertise working in technical and managerial roles in various fortune500 companies and mass IT enabled products and services globally. We bring forth extensive skills in software, hardware and systems expertise. TimeNow is focused on Software, Hardware development and IT enabled products and services. 

TimeNow, a member of e-cab considers, this is the time to boost mankind’s effort, to grow up effectively and efficiently with the meaning of growing up on the platform of the long history of gradual evolution.

R&D, the way to learn and know for wisdom and for meaningful living, TimeNow exists to contribute. TimeNow insists and motivates to rethink, reorganize, and reengineer every subsystem to develop the central system, to get the best out of it and to enhance its future potential. TimeNow contributes in designing and developing System Solutions. Our Teachers initiated the revolution and we fight to accelerate. They showed us the way and we like to widen the gateway for the next generation. 'An unequivocal IT genius' - for self-actualization and universal recognition, we want to be. 'To make IT comprehensive, objective oriented, efficient, easily accessible and inexpensive' - is our objective and we think this is the way to make IT pervasive, to achieve our mission. TimeNow is a business enterprise. Yet TimeNow is equally committed to its voluntary involvements to support any positive movements. TimeNow is always committed to the extent of its indigenous and expertise - what in TimeNow we call Creative Intelligence.

TimeNow has a cross disciplinary technical expert pole well supported by comprehensive management knowledge. Wide coverage of IT functions facilitates coordination and limitlessness in creativity and technical know-how for Business Solutions. We are concerned about providing a discrete function of an individual division the height of supremacy of the entire organization.

TimeNow believes in doing right things in the best possible way. That what we say efficient effectiveness. Here Quality is more emphasized than any other thing that we can name. And we believe quality has no limitation in its height. TimeNow can cope well in stress and contingency. We are damn serious when we need to crash long Schedules to cope with our Business Partners' time limitations and necessities. We believe in working in teams as we belong to a team in each an every project we undertake, we mean commitment to the team when we say we belong to a team, and management by objectives when we consider team performance.

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