Offered Services

Healthcare Information Systems

Trained Union Information Service Centers’ selected person (UISC) would work in collaboration with hospital/clinics’ selected employees in this service. This service would give access to software solutions for:

Patient data management: The UISC would entry the patients’ information. (Name, Address, Age etc.). The doctor or Hospital/ clinics’ selective employees would entry the patients’ medical data with suggestive prescription and tests, time of next visit if needed, during the visit.

Availability of Doctor: The UISC would cheek online of the doctor is available or when the doctor would be available. (Hospital/ clinics’ selective employees would provide with these information.

Appointment scheduling: The UISC would fix an appointment and provide a printed slip to the patient with all necessary information (Date and time of appointment, name of the

Electronic health records

Electronic Medical Record system would be available for our Doctors, Consulting Centers, Diagnostic Centers, Clinics, Hospitals and Medical Colleges. The service would empower the communication of patient data between different healthcare professionals (GPs, specialists). Trained UISC/hospital employee would input the data in the system database. Registered user would access the data.

E Prescribing

This service would give access to prescribing options, printing prescriptions to patients. Trained UISC/hospital employee would provide that printed prescription to the patients.


This service would give access to physical and psychological treatments at a distance, including virtual-monitoring of patients functions. Only trained UICS/hospital employees would provide this service. Advanced equipment would be needed for this service.

Virtual healthcare teams

This team would consist of healthcare professionals who collaborate and share information on patients through virtual system integration system. Hospitals’ board would select the team who would have access in the system integration.

Health knowledge management

This service would provide an overview of latest medical journals, best practice guidelines or epidemiological tracking (examples include physician resources). TimeNows’ Research and development (R&D) team would work on this part.
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