TimeNow eHealth Service

Throughout many healthcare amenities, widespread e-Health infrastructures and systems are now viewed as central to the future provision of safe, efficient, high quality, citizen-centered health care. E-Health is a current term for healthcare practice supported by electronic processes and communication dating back to at least 1999. E-Health provides information on common illnesses and diseases and how to cure them through electronic media help from one place to another place in the country. Though current technological developments are essentially limited to developing country like Bangladesh, e-Health is now an international area. TmeNows' E-Health Service provides services to near hospitals and health centers especially in the rural community in Bangladesh.

TimeNows' e-Heath service affirmed its commitment to improving access to the nation's health knowledge and telemedicine services, in particular in areas such as cooperation in emergency response, access to and networking among health professionals to help improve quality of life and environmental conditions.

Near in future, the health of the urban and rural people will be more improved through these services because it provides solutions quickly. Most of the villagers lack of robust maternal health, lack of life-saving health tips of family planning and reproductive health, maternal nutrition, safe delivery, antenatal care, and postnatal care. Through TimeNows' e-Heath service we would cover all sort of medical problems.

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